Digital ID for Web 3.0

We help VASPs fully comply with Crypto Travel Rule through digital ID and personal wallet signatures. This increases the transparency of the Web 3 industries and supports convergence with financial institutions.
Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Solution

Make Unhosted Wallets Compliant!

We bring Web 3 businesses to get more
transparency in unhosted wallets

FATF : “Recommendation 16”

“Countries should ensure that originating VASPs obtain and hold required and accurate originator information and required beneficiary information on virtual asset transfers”.

Information accompanying all qualifying wire 
transfers should always contain:

(a) name of originator

(b) origintor's account number

(c) originator's address

(d) name of the beneficiary

(e) beneficiary's account number

How it Works

Simple, fast, and easy to integrate

ARGOS ID is easy to connect, supports a Web 3 environment, and provides simple procedures. Experience the simple, fast, and easy integration as it runs with API and Web SDK.


ARGOS ID is Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Solution

The verification process should be
simple, seamless, and self-sovereign.

Simple & Instant

Global Scale

   Simple Web SDK with Javascript

   One click to identity verification

   Biometric information included

  Over 1,800 ID document AI support

   Certified  face recognition tech

  Level 2  PAD Liveness

Compliance & Security

   Travel Rule & unhosted Wallet  

  User owned control Digital ID  

  GDPR compliance

Multi-Chain & Wallet

  ETH, SOL, MATIC etc 

  Multi wallet connect 

  User own control (Non-custodial)

Fullstack Inc. (South Korea)

ArgosKYC Inc. (United States)